Creating My First Windows Azure AppFabric Application

Michael S. Collier's Blog

Microsoft recently made available the Windows Azure AppFabric June CTP to get started developing Windows Azure AppFabric applications.  Read the announcement post from the AppFabric Team for a good overview of the Azure AppFabric application model.  Be sure to download the CTP SDK too.  You can also get a FREE 30-day Windows Azure pass at, using the promo code “MikeOnAzure”.

Once you have the SDK installed, you’ll want to get started creating your first Azure AppFabric application.  Launch Visual Studio 2010 and create a new project.  In the New Project Template wizard, you’ll see a new “AppFabric” section.  You might have expected the Azure AppFabric projects to be located under the “Cloud” area, as that is where the other Azure project templates are.  I did too.  My assumption here is that this is CTP and the location of the templates are likely to change before final, or that…

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