Enterprise Baked Privileged Access for Microsoft Cloud (no-Hybrid)

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Many organizations in order to comply with information security standards keep some baseline security safeguards what includes privileged access management (PAM) and monitoring. In legacy pre-cloud environments, many PAM vulnerabilities i.e. weak passwords or creeping privileges, were identified with rather low/medium risk. With emerging cloud computing legacy security boundaries like firewalls, on-premisses directories etc does not reduce the risk of weak or simply missing PAM processes. Microsoft Cloud has attracted maybe not all but definitely majority of customers with large and complex environments. Some of the customers decided to move maintain Hybrid solution with Azure Active Directory Connect (AADConnect) synchronizing on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) with cloud-based Azure Active Directory (Azure AD or WAAD). However, there are companies that decided to manage Azure AD as a separate target system, a security boundary with no on-premises systems impact (i.e. AD DS). These companies use pure-cloud (no-Hybrid) solutions (see Microsoft Cloud – Azure AD: doing it right) where…

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