Deploy Linux Cluster with ISCSI Storage in VMware Esxi Environment Part 2


Add Fencing to Cluster

Fencing is the disconnection of a node from shared storage. Fencing cuts off I/O from shared storage, thus ensuring data integrity.

A fence device is a hardware device that can be used to cut a node off from shared storage.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways: powering off the node via a remote power switch, disabling a Fiber Channel switch port, or revoking a host’s SCSI 3 reservations.

A fence agent is a software program that connects to a fence device in order to ask the fence device to cut off access to a node’s shared storage (via powering off the node or removing access to the shared storage by other means).

To Configure VMware fencing using “fence_vmware_soap” in Linux High Availability Add On

List all the fence devices and the options of the fence plugin

[root@node1 ~]# ccs -h localhost --lsfenceopts


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