Deploy Linux Cluster with ISCSI Storage in VMware Esxi Environment Part 1

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The Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® High Availability Add-On provides on-demand failover to make applications highly available. It delivers continuous availability of services by eliminating single points of failure.

This tutorial is mainly for the beginners and intermediates who wanted to have a better idea on Linux Cluster Suit.

Strategy : Our strategy is to build up  CenOS / RHEL high availability servers with the storage.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to deploy data-center with one cluster which contains our two hosts in the ESXi environment. Both of two hosts connected to shared Iscsi storage.


Here is my settings

Cluster Nodes : node1.esme.local / node2.esme.local

Storage :

Once host configurations are are done, check the connectivity between the servers using the ping command. We are good at the start if the machines are reachable in between.

Prepare ISCSI Storage

As a second step we…

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