Sitecore XP1 on Azure – Step5 – Deploy using PowerShell.

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This article is a Companion article. Please have a look at the Main article  Sitecore XP1 on Azure using Azure App Service.

In this article, we will discuss about the PowerShell CmdLets that should be used to deploy the Sitecore XP instance to Azure.

Below is the list of files that I have placed in a folder.


My PowerShell code is available in the sitecoreazurexp.ps1 file. Below is the code.

#Azure SubscriptionID

$SubscriptionId = “Subscription id here”;

#Name of Resource Group. The DeploymentId in azuredeploy.parameters.json should also be the name of the Resource Group

$Name = “xp1-rg”;

#Location of the Sitecore license file.

$LicenseXmlPath = “license.xml”;

#Location of the ARM template file.

$ArmTemplatePath = “azuredeploy.json”;

#location of the parameters.json file.

$ArmParametersPath = “azuredeploy.parameters.json”;

#Name of Azure Location / Data Center

$location = “EastUS”;

#Load the Azure Toolkit module

Import-Module “D:SitecoreAzureXp1Sitecore Azure Toolkit 1.0 rev. 161125toolsSitecore.Cloud.Cmdlets.psm1”

#Add Azure account

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