Sitecore XP1 on Azure – Step1 – Create Azure Storage Account and upload Sitecore Web deploy Packages

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This article is a Companion article. Please have a look at the Main article at Sitecore XP1 on Azure using Azure App Service.

In this article, we will complete the following.

  • Create a Resource Group
  • Create a Storage Account
  • Create a Blob Container
  • Create a Virtual Machine and configure Azure Storage Explorer
  • Download Sitecore Web Deploy Packages and Upload to Storage Account

Step1: Create a Resource Group.

Navigate to your Azure Subscription and click on ‘+’ and search for ‘Resource Group’ as shown below.


You will be taken to the following step.


In the above page, select Resource Group to navigate to the ‘Resource Group’ blade shown below.


Click Create button to create the Resource Group as shown below.


Step2 – Create a Storage Account

Click on ‘+’ and search for Storage Account (like how you did for Resource Group) and click on Create button to navigate to…

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