How to add a Site-to-Site VPN to an Azure Virtual Network after setup.


I have recently been working on a couple of engagements that involve utilising the site-to-site connectivity features of Windows Azure Virtual Networks. On one engagement we went through the setup of the Virtual Network early on before the customer’s network team had gotten involved and we just skipped the setup of the site-to-site connection at network creation time because we could come back and define it later.

What we found, however, was once the Virtual Network was setup and populated with DNS servers and Virtual Machines we were unable to change the site-to-site settings using the Azure Management Portal – they were greyed out. We defined the Local Network within the Management Portal but were unable to associate it with the Virtual Network.

A key thing to note before you read on – if you haven’t defined any subnets on your Virtual Network and your address space is in use…

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