Create Virtual Network (VNet) using Azure Management Portal

Praveen Kumar Sreeram's Blog

In this article, we will learn how to create a Virtual Network VNet using Azure Management Portal.


As a Software engineer, within our organization, while working on a workstation, we need to be connected to multiple resources like Web Servers, Database servers, Printers, Active Directory servers, Centralized File Servers etc. In order to be connected to all those multiple resources, our work stations need to be connected to Networks (ex: LAN, WAN). In the similar way, our production environment, each Virtual Machine need to connect to multiple resources (like IP Address, other Virtual Machine, etc.). In order to connect to any other resource, the Virtual Machine should be first connected to a Virtual Network. Like how we work in our Local Area Network (LAN), we can also create network on Cloud called as Virtual Network (VNet). Think about VNet as a network of resources that could communicate each other…

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