Monitoring Windows Event Subscription using SCOM 2012


Event subscription is used when we want to centralize Event Logs (receiving logs from remote computers)

We can see overall Event Subcsription status by right clicking subscription and choose Runtime Status



But how to monitor this status using SCOM 2012 ?

Read on !!

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We’ll configure script based monitor,so we need management pack

We need to configure monitoring on Event Collector server ( in our case),because wecutil command is not recognized on server where Subscription is not configured.Because in Subscription server there is no installed SCOM console,we’ll connect to from SCOM server (



Authoring-Management Pack Objects-Monitors-Create a Monitor-Unit Monitor


Select Sample PowerShell Script 2 State and management pack


Make sure Monitor is disabled,target set as Windows Server



$acs = wecutil gr wec | select -Index 2

output of wecutil command  (RunTimeStatus: Active stores in $acs variable



Add the value from the variable $acs…

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