Configuring Check_MK monitoring tool on CentOS 6


This post wouldn’t be possible without selfless contribution colleagues of mine,Matija Resimic, and Nikola Markovic

Check_MK is an Open Source extension of the Nagios monitoring system that allows creating rule-based configuration using Python.It allows users to monitor their entire IT infrastructure and spot any problems on monitored host.

Installing Check_MK

Check_MK is installed using Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD).It is a self-contained bundle that includes Nagios together with add-ons for gathering, monitoring, and graphing data.

Red Hat based packages can be found here.

First update your distro

[root@nm- ~]# yum upgrade

install it using rpm –ivh <path to rpm package>

Note:you will be asked for dependencies,so install them first

After successfully installation,create OMD site (in this example I created site named monitor)

[root@nm- ~]# omd create <sitename>

Then restart omd:

[root@nm- ~]# omd restart

Then,in your browser type http://<ip address of check_mk>/<sitename>

Default username:omdadmin,password:omd


The Check_MK screen opens with a…

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