Vmware 6.5 Services by Ranjna

Service Name

Service Name Description


 VMware Image Builder Manager


 VMware Component Manager


 VMware vCenter Server


 VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service


 VMware Appliance Management Service


 VMware Appliance Monitoring Service


 VMware HTTP Reverse Proxy


 VMware vAPI Endpoint


 Likewise Service Manager


 VMware Authentication Framework


 VMware vService Manager


 VMware Service Lifecycle Manager API


 VMware Performance Charts


 VMware Update Manager


 VMware Service Lifecycle Manager


 VMware VSAN Health Service


 VMware vSphere Web Client


 VMware Postgres


 VMware ESX Agent Manager


 VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy


 VMware Message Bus Configuration Service


 VMware vCenter High Availability


 VMware vSphere Client


 VMware Content Library Service


 VMware Service Control Agent


 VMware vSphere ESXi Dump Collector


 VMware vCenter-Services


 VMware vSphere Auto Deploy Waiter

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One thought on “Vmware 6.5 Services by Ranjna

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