Powershell – Debugging Techniques

Manjunath Rao

This blog discuses some high level Debugging Techniques while working with Powershell. The contents of this blog are taken from the book – “Learn WINDOWS POWERSHELL, In a month of Lunches” By, Don Jones (All the credit goes to Don)

I am writing this blog, because we do not have enuf content on the web that discusses about the “Debugging” or “Troubleshooting” approaches while working with Powershell. And Don’s book helped me a lot in my personal endeavour. Now it is my turn to give it back to the Powershell Community.

First Computer Bug

There are two broad categories of bugs in the Powershell world. Firstly, the syntax errors and secondly, logic errors.

Syntax Errors

A Syntax Error means you typed something wrong. It might be a command name that you misspelled (Gte-Content instead of Get-Content) or it might be that you got the actual syntax of the command wrong (forgetting…

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