Azure -Data Protection in Azure

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Manjunath Rao

At any point of time, we will have data in three phases: Data in rest, Data in Transit and Data in Use. Data protection involves protecting the data in all the three phases.

Data in rest refers to the data saved in hardware media. Data in Transit refers to the data that is traveling via network, usually between Server and Client or between two Azure components. Data in Use refers to the data that is currently being used, usually by CPU/memory.

At the data center level, Microsoft deploys ISO-compliant safeguards.

Microsoft also uses a “Just-In-Time” access policy. This ensures that even Microsoft employees do not have complete access to all resources at all the time. This is specially helpful for auditing.

Azure stores data in two forms – Structured and non-structured. Azure storage is used to store the non-structured data in the form of Blobs, tables, queues and files. Azure…

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