Hyper-V live migration (without clustering)

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Hyper-V live migration moves running virtual machines from one physical server to another with no impact on virtual machine availability to users.

In this example we’ll move server-2016 VM from HyperV-01 to HyperV-02 host


The following protocols can be used for Live Migration:

Kerberos avoids having to sign in to the server, but requires constrained delegation.

CredSSP  avoids configuring constrained delegation, but requires sign in to the source server

I’ll use Kerberos authentication,so we need to set up delegation.We’ll move VM from HyperV-01 to HyperV-02 and we’ll configure delegation on source (HyperV-01) and delegate rights to destionation Hyper-V host (HyperV-02)

In Active Directory right click on source computer account (from which we’ll move VM-HyperV-01)-Delegation tab-Add


In Add services window click Users and Computers


Add destination account (where VM will be moved to-HyperV-02) and select Microsoft

Virtual System Migration Service

4.pngEnabling Live Migration

Right click bn both Hyper-V host-Hyper-V Settings



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